Plant Maintenance 3

Our proactive and exhaustive maintenance approach & an effective maintenance schedule increases the up time of the facilities and therefore, we exterminate the premature shutting down the facility. Our TES assures 100% uptime for system and facility –the plant/facility is available for production. TES assures increase in operating revenue and also extends the asset life cycle thus reducing both the client capital expenditure and environment risks. Our TES has extensive experience in set-up, management and upgrading maintenance management systems.

We are widely trusted by our customers based on our ability to repair, restore and perform various preventive and corrective maintenance of refinery offsite, utility, terminals and LPG Bottling plant. Apart from this, we provide assistance in O&M of process control equipment.

Requisition/ specifications of HV/LV switch gear, motor control center, MV/LV motors, power/ distribution Transformers, Lighting/small power distribution boards, AC/DC UPS, lighting fixtures, Power/ control cables, Cable trays, Earthing materials ,design , construction and testing of electrical switch boards, marshaling cabinets, System cabinets and industrial process automation system, on-site construction of electrical and instrument facilities, loop back checking, calibration and technical support to operation and maintenance staff.