oil and gas 3

Highly experienced professionals from similar industries are engaged to cater all the jobs. We have been provided specialized manpower team for rail wagon receipt job on numerous occasions and we have been awarded PO for plant maintenance and related various augmentation works.

As a team our services enable to:

  • Benefit from experienced professional supervision of product during loading and unloading of Rail Wagon and Tank Truck operation.
  • Manpower allocation after training and internal validation.
  • Ensure issuance of work permit & toolbox taken before start of job and assure all quality and safety requirements are met.
  • We ensure optimum care of material while handling.
  • Track Maintenance of railway siding and Tank Truck calibration.
  • Cross functional knowledge transfer enable uninterrupted routine activity.

Operation is a methodical, comprehensive and specialized package of our services, TES that start with understanding the plant and its process, together with the objective of the end user.