We provide specialized consultant for various domain wherein he will be responsible for developing operational philosophy, accurate and error free maintenance plan, analyzing involved risk, accessing downtime, commissioning strategy, and maintaining 100% up time. Our TES team provides technical support 24X7 to rule out downtime.

Pre-operation Phase (Commissioning)

In the pre-operation phase, we ensure that every project start-up reaches maximum production as efficiency and safely as possible. We create value to the customer asset through efficient management and an integrated network of technical expertise. we are experienced in setting up new offices and mobilizing experienced operations and project personnel to a wide range of locations.

Pre-operation activities typically include delivery of:

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)& Site Acceptance test (SAT)
  • Operation and maintenance strategies
  • Operation and maintenance procedures
  • Competency and training
  • An approved safety case
  • A computerized maintenance management system build
  • Commissioning
  • Spare analysis & stock level recommendation business

Our approaches delivered substantial benefits to the customer in terms of:

  • Design input
  • Operation and maintenance personnel integrated into project team at the construction phase
  • Knowledge transfer from previous successful project resulting in greater efficiencies
  • Creation of operation and maintenance procedure and system
  • Engineering services for modification and major maintenance